Andri & Siani Wedding

Andri and Siani, they are really a happy couple.The wedding ceremony held in the ballroom of the Hyatt hotel, was taking the theme ‘The Most Spectacular Wedding of Versailles’.

Everything in it, such as fashion, decor, invitations, etc, had theme of Versailes. The bride like a prince and princess of the royal palace of Versailles who celebrated their wedding ceremony, accompanied by the ladies, royal courtier and soldier.

The wedding party was celebrated with a very festive atmosphere with a duet MC Willy Kevinda and Marina.

Guests were greeted by receptionist, dressed in royal style, and guests would enter into a room set into two parts, the voyer set in the form of Versailles royal garden with elements of plants and fountains, while the ballroom set with the ornament of Versailles and also with flowers that created the impression of luxury, elegant, exclusive and romantic.This is so great, isn’t it?

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