Vintage Style for Special Moment

Nowadays, more and more people choose Vintage as their lifestyle.

If you are one of those people, you can choose Vintage as your wedding theme. If both of you and your partner agree on the theme, you can decorate your event with some sub themes of Vintage. For example, if you like watching old movies, you can display the movie posters of your favorite movies on the wall.

For additional inspiration, here are some things that will increasingly bring Vintage ambience in your wedding.

  1. Lamp

If you choose to hold your reception in the outdoor area like a garden, you can complete the decoration by placing oil lamps or torches as the source of lights. If you wish for a more romantic atmosphere you can choose candle container or chandelier that can be filled with scented candles so that it will enrich the atmosphere of twilight by bringing a warm and exotic fragrance.

  1. Old Picture Frame

Remember the phrase “picture tells a thousand words”? Your pre-wedding photos have a purpose to tell the story of your romance to your guests without any word needed. Your guests will know when and where the two of you first met and how you fell in love with each other. If you and your partner really love to travel, never forget to take a lot of pictures and put them into vintage frames. We assure you those images will stay in their mind for quite a long time.

  1. Blackboard Chalk

A blackboard and a chalk might remind us to our memory in elementary school, but it might be a great decoration for your wedding reception. You can pour out your creativity by turning it into a signpost, or you can write calligraphy of you and your spouse’s names or it can be functioned as menu boards. Moreover, if your format receptions are table settings, you can use the chalk boards as table numbers. If you are a melancholic type of person, you can also write a message that will remain in the memory of your guests. You could describe a lot of things on it. We also advise you to provide additional empty blackboards and a lot of chalk so that your guests can write their personal messages, wishes and advice for you in your marriage years ahead. This will bring closeness between you and your guests.

  1. Typewriter

Nowadays old typewriters are not easy to find among us as after the booming of modern personal computer, laptop and other gadgets.  That is why a typewriter could be a very antique ornament to display on your reception. As ancient typewriters are getting scarce these days, you can get them from antique shop. The older the typewriter is, the more it becomes unique. P.S: you can put an already typed piece of paper on the typewriter as an additional decoration.

  1. Novel

So you love to read and you want to share the good old classic novels you have been reading to your guests. Displaying them will be a good idea. You can display your favorite novels in the corners of the table. Who knows that there might be a lot of bookworms among your guests? While waiting for their food to be served, they can read or just skimming through the collections of your favorite novels. You can display the romance novels that might have inspired you in your own love story. We strongly not recommend you to display a horror or crime novel.

  1. Storage box

Are you interested in collecting jewelry? Or your hobby is collecting old coins and stamps? It will be a chance for you to display them. Use clean and unique wooden storage box for displaying your collections. You can make it look like a “treasure chest” for the bride and groom. Your guests will be interested in the things that you put in there, do not hesitate to tell its meaning. There might be a possibility that some of your guests will contact you as they share the same interest and hobbies with you.

  1. Recycled Materials

To thicken the impression of your vintage themed wedding reception, you can choose pastel and brown palette. Just like in those old black and white movies, we recommend you to use a variety of colors such as brown to old beige, khaki, wheat, also include black and give a touch of white or broken white color in each color. You can bring your home appliances like jars, flower vases and glasses and wrap them with beautiful lace and other materials. Don’t forget to put some matching colored flowers in them. Right flowers always success to enhance any decoration.

Voila! Now, you, your partner and your guests will enjoy a unique and comfortable atmosphere. Thanks to the vintage themed accessories.

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